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By Invitation Only


A hands on (or off for those who choose) experience dedicated to the pleasure principle. 


21+ to enter

Screening is required for all guests, regardless of participation level.


Upcoming Events



October 23rd, 2019


The Club Curiosity events can best be described as an exhilarating adventure that caters to the more daring in the industry. Featuring both male & female providers with some special TS ladies as well, it’s an experience that is unforgettable and purely transcendent.


It is open to all including men, women, and couples and it’s held in the Windy City of Chicago and in the stimulating city of NYC (Manhattan). Attendance is limited to a select few who are thoroughly vetted and have met at least 1, if not all of our performers. 


If you are open to explore the hedonistic, decadent, & voyeuristic part of life complete with suspended sex slings and novelty toys, then let me be your personal Curiosity Guide into a world of passion and excitement!




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