~FYI ~ 

I am highly allergic to Latex and Nuts so please be mindful when we meet. I love gifts - but nuts are definitely a no go for me! 


What do you do on your spare time? 

I love to travel, dance and spend time with my dog, my family and friends.


What languages do you speak? 

English and Spanish


Whats your favorite flower?



Whats your favorite color? 

Black and red


Do you like dogs or cats? 

I prefer dogs but I love all animals.


What did you do before you decided to be a companion?

I was a student in the medical field. Now having completed my RN, I am a part time companion, full time slave to the hospital. 


Do you have a preference in the friends you meet? 

I prefer respect and generosity over anything. I am open to meeting gentlemen, women and couples regardless of age, race or orientation.

Treat me well, I will treat you well...


How long have you been a companion?

3 years


Do you enjoy being a companion?

YES! I've had the privilege to travel to so many places and this job has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people!  It has allowed me to be able to help my family and be financially independent.


How often do you tour?

I will be touring more when my schedule allows!

Are you a professional Domme?

 I am fully certified in the art of Bondassage®

and Elysium®. See my kink page for more details! :)

Do you smoke?



Do you drink?



 Do you do drugs?



Do you expect Tips or gifts from your clients?

No, but they are always appreciated.


Are you available to travel?

Absolutely - my passport is ready to fly.